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The Barn

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The farm venue is a renovated 3300 sq.ft. former dairy barn with modern plumbed bathrooms including an ADA accessible facility. A 1000 sq. ft. cocktail and reception deck with pond view has been built at the back of the Barn which houses a working bar area with refrigeration and water for a preferred caterer to set up and execute from. We have installed a Polk Audio, 7 zone volume control blue tooth music system that can be plugged into with any preset playlist. There is a 600 sq. ft. staging kitchen for a preferred caterer also with water, electric and refrigeration and easy lower level load in and out. A reserved function will include also 155 light colored fruit wood folding chairs and 19 each 60” round wooden tables for a maximum seating capacity of 155 people with your custom arranged special seating combination to make sure you can keep everyone happy.

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