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Our Story


Our Story


The Ryan Family Farm was originally built in 1862 and founded by Anna and Thomas Ryan in 1923. Looking to start a new life in the beautiful Hudson Valley, the Ryans bought 90 acres of land in present day Lagrangeville, New York. Anna and Thomas lived out their dreams caring for a dairy farm, respectfully tending to the land, and raising a family.

Marjorie and John Ryan inherited the farm shortly after Thomas passed. Marjorie continued to manage the farm when John passed, but eventually had to sell it. Marjorie’s grandson, hoped to carry on his grandparents’ dream. In 2011, after 52 years under the Greenwoods’ ownership, he bought back the Ryan Family Farm and dedicated himself to his family’s legacy.

A force of nature herself, Marjorie protected the whole property, cared for 17 grandchildren, planted everything, cared for the animals, and even rode the mower well into her 70’s. It’s no wonder there’s a street and lake named in her honor. Marjorie was the driving force of her family and of the farm’s peaceful presence that visitors are so inspired by today.

The Ryan family has always used sustainable methods for building and farming and continues to do so. The wooden materials have been reused, recycled, and milled for new floors and other infrastructure on the property. Cows and mini Goats roam the land and there is an organic farm on the property with fresh seasonal produce for guests, staff, family, and the local community to enjoy.

Now the local community and families from all over the world can experience the magic of the Ryan Family Farm. Just 67 miles north of New York City, the Ryan Family Farm is now the perfect year round Hudson Valley destination for weddings, parties, events, or a simple country getaway.

Rich in history and natural beauty, enjoy all that

The Ryan Family Farm has to offer!